So, after coming back from a trip, we settled back in and decided to NOT SPEND ANY MONEY OMG WE’RE GOING TO GO BROKE.  So that worked out well.  We did have to spend some because we were basically out of food, and needed supplies for changing oil.  We’ve started to take on the maintenance for both the truck and the car, since we put the good oil in anyway, so the oil changes are always over $50.  Part of the long-term plan to keep costs down generally, and an even better reason to sell the truck as soon as possible – only one car to change oil in would be so much easier.

So, here’s what we spent the last week:

Eating Out: 18.99 – on the Monday we came in, we didn’t have food…so I had lunch out.  We’re still trying to figure out the spouse’s breakfast, so that was McDonald’s every morning, because he doesn’t come home on the nights he does the overnight shifts, and we haven’t gotten a good solution yet.

Groceries: $115.78 – This clearly got away from us this week.  I’m not entirely sure how we ended up there, except that there is one big Costco trip ($70) and a bunch of small trips to various grocery stores.  I can’t even remember what we got though.  We’ve been house-sitting for my mother in law, and that’s thrown things off a bit with the planning.  Next week should be better.

Gas: $36.61 – We only filled up the truck.  Not sure how that happened either.  I think the roommate filled up my car when she borrowed it.

Car Repairs: $162.78 – includes 10 quarts of synthetic for the truck and the Scion, ramps because the jack stands alone scare me, air conditioning fluid to fix the air conditioning in the truck (it’s been over 100 here guys, seriously), and two oil filters.

Total spending for the week was $334.16.  Our goal is to try to hold spending to $225.  We’ve started talking about rewards for when we keep our spending low, like if we spend under the limit, we put aside $5 for “us” money to go out on a date night.  We do cheap dates anyways, like split a burrito and go look at the beach, and it’ll incentivize us to actually do date nights.