As a side note, there is a $4,000 medical bill in the future.  We just have to figure out some bureaucratic nonsense with how much it’s going to be and whether it’s been correctly covered by insurance.  More to come on that.

Weekly Spending Report:

Total Spent: $372.29 (way above our goals)

Eating out: $138.55 – Family visit.  Including one sushi/beer night for $75.  Additionally, the spouse forgot to pack lunch/dinner for his overnights, and I forgot to bring him food.  So he had to eat out two meals this week.

Fuel: $114.01 – the nice high-gas-mileage car went back to its owner.  So now we’re driving the truck back and forth almost every day.  It’s about $60 per week just for that.

Groceries: $86.03 – much more reasonable this week.

Household goods: $2.68 – this is something the spouse got.  Honestly, I don’t know what it is.  I think screws to hold up some fancy garden lights on the porch?

Pets: $41.02 – fancier cat litter.  We’ve been battling the dust and smell of the old, cheap cat litter.  It’s made the office pretty much unlivable, so we’re not actually getting the benefit of having a three-bedroom apartment.  The new cat litter is slightly above average cost of pet store cat litter, and is dust free, has less tracking, and nothing like as smelly as the cheapo brand.  The good stuff is Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Multi Cat clumping litter, for anyone that’s interested.  Has drastically improved the office, so it’s a great hang-out place now!

All in all, we over spent by $147.29.  Because of some double time and extra shifts, the spouse has a bit of extra money, so we have enough to cover the excess, and still pay the huge medical bill, and set some aside for a new apartment.  But, we’ll still try and do better next week!

Weekly Student Debt Report:

  1. Law Loan H – $9,764.90 (7.9% interest, $1,150 payment, est. payoff Apr. 2017).
  2. Law Loan C – $49,669.10 (7.9% interest, $325 minimum, est. payoff June 2020).
  3. Law Loan J – $54,201.76 (7.9% interest, $375 minimum, est. payoff Feb. 2023).
  4. Law Loan I – $55,072.74 (7.9% interest, $375 minimum, est. payoff Feb. 2025).
  5. Law Loan F – $58,306.26 (6.8% interest, $350 minimum, est. payoff Oct. 2026).
  6. Law Loan D – $16,998.20 (6.8% interest, $100 minimum, est. payoff Mar. 2027).
  7. Law Loan B – $16,094.57 (4.6% interest, $75 minimum, est. payoff July 2027).
  8. Law Loan A – $10,564.48 (4.6% interest, $50 minimum, est. payoff Oct. 2027).
  9. Spouse Loan 1 – $23,114.98 (4.5% interest, $200 payment, est. payoff Jun. 2024).
  10. Spouse Loan 2 – $15,722.97 (4.5% interest, $200 payment, est. payoff Nov. 2027).
  11. Spouse Loan 3 – $23,059.86 (4.2% interest, $300 payment, est. payoff Feb 2024).

Current Balance: $332,569.82 (decrease of $534.41 from last week)

Total Anticipated Payments: $472,879.05 (decrease of $936.85 from last week)

Total Anticipated Interest $140,309.23 (decrease of $402.44 from last week)

Debt Free On: November, 2027 (no change since last week)