June was really a very oddly slow month.  I spent most of the month either waiting to hear back from the few clients I do have, or doing non-billable work.  So July’s billables will be low.  I still have one outstanding invoice that I’m going to have to try and get paid in July, and that will help a bit.

Category  Previous Budgeted Spent Remaining
Personal Money Spent  $   7,255.37 $7,255.37
Savings $4,487.72 -$902.64 -$0.12 $3,585.20
Pre-YNAB debt
     Credit Card $0.00
TOTAL $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Monthly Fees
     Others $14.00 $14.00 $0.00
     Apps/Software/Web Services $84.61 $145.61 -$61.00
     Insurance $246.00 -$246.00
     Memberships and Subscriptions $100.00 $498.00 -$398.00
TOTAL $98.61 $903.61 -$705.00
     Networking Events $0.00
     Office Supplies $0.00
     Transaction/Processing Fees $35.99 $2.00 $33.99
     Meals and Entertainment $54.26 $3.00 $51.26
     Parking and Tolls $0.50 $60.50 -$60.00
     CLE $10.00 -$10.00
     Advertising $0.00
TOTAL $0.00 $75.50 $15.25
Yearly Expenses
     Post Office Box $159.00 $159.00
     Bar Fees $65.00 -$65.00
TOTAL $0.00 $224.00 -$65.00
     Quarterlies $902.64 -$902.64
     Business License $98.00 -$98.00
     Year-End Taxes $0.00
TOTAL $0.00 $1,000.64 -$1,000.64
TOTAL EXPENSES -$804.03 $2,203.63 $1,829.81
TOTAL INCOME $614.38 $614.38
Remaining from Last Month $1,301.17 $1,301.17
TOTAL REMAINING $1,915.55 -$1,589.25
OVERSPENT -$1,195.61

On the expense side, there was a lot that happened in June to increase my expenses way over what I had thought they were going to be:

  1. Taxes were $902, which was a little over double what I had thought.  These came out of my savings, rather than my “operating” budget, but it just makes me really happy that I made a rule of setting aside half of everything I earned.
  2. I’m in an (expensive) networking group, but with all the infertility stuff, they very kindly offered to carry me for a couple of months.  Well, I got more on my feet, but when we worked it out, I ended up getting charged for two months (May and June) in June, so that’s $500 extra, rather than just $250.
  3. A big conference that involved extortionate parking fees and lunches/coffees.  Since I was away from home without access to a fridge, I wasn’t comfortable carrying lunches and snacks around all day, so eating out it was.
  4. California lost all the lawyers’ fingerprints, so we all had to get re-fingerprinted, and I did mine this month. $65.

I have also decided to take a maternity “leave” once the baby comes, since we’ll be moving states around the same time so there will just be a lot to administrate on the home front while the spouse starts a new job.  That means my next task is going to be sitting down and figuring out exactly what I have been spending, both per month and in yearly fees so that I can figure out how much I need to earn over the next six months so that I can take the time off without trying to cancel my insurance and whatnot.  I’m only wanting to take a few months, so if I aim for laying away 6 months of whatever my base expenses are, that should give me plenty of time to take time off and then start ramping back up.

I also have plans for meeting people once we move, and have been more active down here as well, so hopefully it pays off.

Turns out, with all the expenses, I’m not quite profitable yet, but I’m hopeful for the next couple of months.