For the first time, we have a positive net worth…the $41,000 increase is pretty much entirely due to the additional down payment funds that the spouse’s mom gave us…

Thank your parents for their help.


LoansInterestAmountLast MonthChangeEst. Payoff Date
Law Loan J7.90%$32,541.88$32,776.06-$234.18Jul 2021
Law Loan C7.90%$51,017.51$51,368.37-$350.86Apr 2023
Law Loan I7.90%$37,335.56$37,597.34-$261.78Jul 2024
Law Loan F6.80%$59,222.91$59,634.45-$411.54Apr 2026
Law Loan D6.80%$17,144.97$17,264.09-$119.12Sep 2026
Law Loan B4.60%$15,516.54$15,627.46-$110.92Feb 2027
Law Loan A4.60%$10,231.80$10,304.94-$73.14April 2027
Spouse Private Loan3.49%$16,747.97$17,612.81-$864.84Nov 2024
Spouse Fed Loan A3.10%$2,974.97$2,974.97$0.00Apr 2025
Spouse Fed Loan C3.60%$3,010.23$3,010.23$0.00Apr 2025
Spouse Fed Loan D3.60%$3,936.57$3,936.57$0.00Apr 2025
Car Loan3.19%$14,503.81$14,503.81$0.00Jan 2026
Mortgage3.06%$365,000.00Dec 2051
TOTAL LOAN AMOUNTS$629,184.72$266,611.10
Total Last Month$266,611.10
Decrease from last month$362,573.62
Last Month Payoff DateMay 2027
Current Payoff DateApril 2027


AssetsCurrentLast MonthChange
Investment Account$20,744.13$20,344.87$399.26
Spouse 457b$19,869.32$18,675.63$1,193.69
Spouse 403b$82,277.82$80,958.68$1,319.14
My IRA$14,025.86$12,896.71$1,129.15
Kid 1 529$3,645.06$3,518.30$126.76
Kid 2 529$473.02$367.19$105.83
Cash on Hand$26,376.35$9,794.54$16,581.81
Emergency Fund$30,883.37$87,718.72-$56,835.35
TOTAL ASSETS$638,294.93234,274.64
Net Worth Last Month-$32,336.46
Change in Net Worth$41,446.67