Laying Down The Law Debt

Getting out from under the law school debt


An ever-growing list of blogs, calculators, and miscellaneous other resources that I have found valuable or inspiring.

Mr. Money Mustache (I like the swearing)

No More Harvard Debt ($90K in under 10 months!!)

Create My Independence Podcast

Listen Money Matters – They’re totally bros, but I like their attitude

Dave Ramsey – The Total Money Makeover

Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko – The Millionaire Next Door

It Is Only Money (and it grows on trees) – Cara MacMilan

Loan Spreadsheet – developed by a municipal bond trader and early retiree to figure out the cheapest option to pay off his wife’s federal student loans.  I’ve only played with it a little bit, but so far I think we’re on the right path.


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