One of the attitudes I come across a lot reading about other people’s struggle with student loans is the “my life is over” feeling when confronting masses amounts of debt.  There’s this idea that if you carry this much debt around, you’ll never be free, never travel, never live well because all your time and energy will be used up figuring out how to deal with the debt.  All your money that could have been used to give yourself a satisfying life is being thrown away, at a debt that can’t be gotten rid of any other way.

I don’t like this attitude.  It’s glum, and defeatist, and only serves to assist people in giving up on their dreams.  Is paying back debt fun?  Not really, unless you get some sort of thrill watching numbers drop (totally not me guys).  Will it impact your life to have this much debt?  YES!  And the significant impact of having so much debt shouldn’t be underplayed, if only to alert later generations to alternative options.

Is it the end of your life?  No. Not at all.  There is still so much to see, and do, and learn.  And eventually, even the debt will be gone.  Worst case scenario, you default, and the government comes after you and garnishes your tax returns and wages, you learn to live on less.  Best case scenario is that you get a plan, follow that plan, and end up on the other side debt free.  IT WILL HAPPEN.  Don’t listen to the naysayers talking about how you’ll never do what you want.  You can always make it happen.