As the title implies, this blog will be taking a hiatus for the next several months.  Between studying for the UBE, working full time, finding an apartment, and attempting to get our lives on track to produce children, there’s just a lot going on.  To give myself some breathing room, I’m pulling back a bit, and concentrating on work, the UBE (taking the MPRE in November), and maintaining the household.  I expect to begin posting more regularly at the latest in March, although there may be other random posts between then and now.

If anyone is still interested in following along, I’ll be posting our weekly numbers, and a monthly budget report, because those have been helpful for figuring out where we are with our budget.  Other posts will resume once I have a little more time.

Thank you everyone who has read along, and provided support!  I hope to come back with even more ideas once I have a little more time.